Purchase of Collections

For my customers with purchasing power at home and abroad looking for well-developed collections with substance as well as unique pieces, and letters from 1843.
you should deal with the sale of your collection, feel free not to catch up with my offer and do not use on expensive auction commissions!


We buy following Swiss stamps in good to impeccable quality:
  • Collections with invested capital
  • Old Switzerland, rayons, Strubel, seated and standing Helvetia, digits, etc.
  • Letters, First day covers until 1960
  • Exquisite rarities and top plays

What we do not buy:
  • Collections without invested capital
  • First day covers (FDC) in 1960
  • All stamped marks from 1960
  • Not methodologically ordered collections, detached goods
  • Poor quality stamps


I can professionally evaluate your collection thanks to my extensive experience in Philately and my in-depth knowledge of the current stamp market. However, we regret that we do no telephone consultations.
For a review in our premises, we charge fr. 120.00 per hour. But at least half an hour or CHF 60.00 (if you are selling the collection not calculated).
Upon request I will advise you gladly at your home. For an assessment, we charge 60 RP/km fr. 120.00 per hour and for the travel expenses. (is not calculated on a sale of the collection).
I guarantee a discrete and legitimate processing, personal acquisition and immediate cash payment.
For an appointment, please call us at Tel 041 671 02 40 during business hours Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00 on.